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The World of Engineering Plastics!

The Schwartz Group is one of the leading suppliers of highly resistant engineering plastic solutions for a wide range of industrial fields.

Discover how engineering plastics are produced, and how they can be used in several areas of application in the place of heavier and more expensive materials such as steel and aluminum.  Not only are our special products a lot lighter, they also have superior properties, cost less and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

If you have special requirements in industrial machine and plant engineering and are looking for innovative customized solutions, we’re there for you.

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  • Clever Plastics

    The wide range of thermo- and duroplastics from of which our products are made all come with special qualities that make each product perfectly suited for a specific purpose. Whether you’re looking for components that offer high impact resistance or optimum friction characteristics, plastics that are heat or cold resistant, with excellent dimensional stability, plastics that can be used in food packaging and processing or have other properties, we have the right material for just about any application. Just take a look at the properties of our plastics and discover the wide range of possibilities that Schwartz Plastics has to offer.

  • Know-how and Experience

    Schwartz Plastics has a proven history as specialist for thermo- and duroplastics for different applications and industry fields. We believe that true partnership is a dynamic process of teamwork, so before we process and deliver your orders, our R&D engineers will be working closely with you to develop the material that best suits your purpose. We come up with tailor-made, innovative solutions for industrial applications and all kinds of machinery.

  • Top Quality from Schwartz

    We want to be the best and most flexible partner you can have. That’s why we place a lot of value on our high quality standards. To make sure you get nothing but the best, we have a strict quality management process in place. Customer driven work, personal commitment and our goal to constantly improve our operating procedures are our highest priorities. Our customers deserve no less. Read more on the subject of quality here.

  • VDI-Nachrichten comment on the Handelsblatt study

    VDI-Nachrichten published a follow-up article to the Handelsblatt study entitled „Growing Champions in Midsized Companies”. View the full article here … [more]

  • Schwartz has been selected...

    As part of a large-scale European study, led by IESE Business School, the Schwartz Group has been selected as one of the Top 500 European Companies with the greatest sustained growth. [more]

  • Schwartz im Lexikon der Weltmarktführer

    Die Schwartz GmbH gehört zu den weltweit größten Herstellern von kundenindividuellen Komponenten für den Maschinenbau aus technischen Kunststoffen. Ihre Spezialität sind sowohl hoch belastbare, große oder komplexe Teile aus den...[more]

  • Champion medium-sized companies

    In a study conducted by German financial newspaper Handelsblatt, Schwartz Technical Plastics was the only plastics company selected as one of the Top 100 Hidden World Champions.   VDI-Nachrichten published a follow-up...[more]

  • “Our Market Leaders”

    In a series entitled „Our Market Leaders“, the Süddeutsche Zeitung features midsized German companies that, in their field of business, belong to the leading companies in the world. Discover how Schwartz Technical Plastics rose...[more]

Did you know?
  • Because plastics are so much lighter than steel - only 1/7th the weight – their use is very cost efficient.
  • Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.
  • Due to our superior casting technology, we can make cast products available in all possible shapes and dimensions.
  • Success is the victory of ideas over coincidence.
  • The lifts in the Reichstag in Berlin are run with OPTAMID pulleys manufactured by Schwartz Technical Plastics.
  • The world’s largest plastic sheave was produced by Schwartz Plastics for Tower 42 in London
  • Once you stop trying to be better, you stop being good.
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